Music Orbit was set up in by composer Colin Riley in 2002 providing musicians and composers with platforms to showcase new work, and the chance to exchange ideas via live performances, networking evenings, professional development seminars, symposiums and workshops. Music Orbit has reflected the diversity of approaches to creating new music flourishing outside of the mainstream, fostering emerging ideas and trends at the forefront of our ever-evolving musical language.

Music Orbit originated from within the iF Festival, one of London’s leading festivals dedicated to new music. From early beginnings showcasing new work at the glasshouse at Syon House (The Hothouse), the ‘Platform 21’ nights in the iF Festival, and later independently the ‘Sound-Out-Series’ at the Spitz, the network grew to encompass live events at London’s Kings Place, St Pancras Station, Shoreditch Town Hall, Chelsea Theatre, Bath Festival and the ICA .

A cursory glance at the list of artists showcased between 2002-2013 give some idea of the diversity of the work of Music Orbit:

Horses Brawl, Hydrogen Jukebox, Olivia Chaney, Serafina Steer, Jest Mamo, Astrakan, Surge, Carla Rees, NEM, North Sea Radio Orchestra, Sonver, Anomaly, Makeshift, Celinn, Juice, Curious Voice Duo, Jamie Woon, Jenny Roditi, Yumi Hara-Cawkwell, Linda Hirst, Wan Dan, Laura Moody, Elisabeth Walling, Verity Standen, Bunty, Mikhail Karakis, Harry Neve, Pete Moran, Natasha Lohan, Hereby A Scorecard, Diabolo, Anna Meredith, Cos Chapman, Jamie Smith, Misterlee, David Plans Casal, Sonia Paco-Rocchia, Mark Wingfield, Paul J Abbott, E:Laine, Roshi, Gagarin, Kin, Rory Simmons, Elisabeth Nygard, Robin Finker, Rus Pearson, James Allsopp, Julio d’Escriven, Paul Russell, Nick Sutton, Nico Bentley, Jo Thomas, Oli Mayne, Thanos Chrysakis, James O’Sullivan, Kerry Andrew, Paul Fretwell, Arco Collective, Disinformation, Matt McCormick, Paul Whitty, Joe Banks, Bash-O, Manu Delago, Christophe Pepe, DJ Grohs, Christian Forshaw, Tom Davis, Glistening Cogs, Paul Whitty, Ben Eshmade, Mercury Quartet, James Barralet, Gabriella Swallow, Ben Harper Quartet, Shiva Feshereki, Jo Thomas, Partial Gathering, Dan Goren, Ben Harper, Braindead Collective, Ben Crawley, Woodpecker Wooliams, Kay Grant, Oli Brice, Francesca Thompson, G Project, Dominic Murcott, Steve Beresford, Ian Harris, Simon Katan, Metapraxis, Andrew Gorman, Rarescale, Goodman Quartet, Mikel Kerem, Crossfire Duo, Max Bailie, Brunel New Noise, Elo Masing, Aisha Orazbayeva, Guillaume Viltard, Lucy Railton, Jennifer Allum, The Raw Stories, Vlookup Trio, Ruth Wall, Liam Noble. 


A team of artists-curators helped to develop the diverse work up until 2013 under several key strands:

  • Open Source, curated by Kate Halsall.
  • Gobsmack (for all voice music), curated by Kerry Andrew
  • Strung Out (for all-things with strings), curated by Gabriella Swallow
  • Hot-Wired (for electronic musicians), curated by Paul Fretwell 
  • mO also explored two online magazines called the Orbiter.

Our web-designer and technical guru has always been Ben Jarlett.

mO is now an online networking resource where music artists can very simply swop information about performances and link to their work.