mO Team

mO is run by this friendly team.

Colin Riley’s work integrates many aspects of contemporary music drawing on elements of improvisation, new technologies, song-writing and large-scale classical form. His work is difficult to categorise and reflects a genuine distillation of stylistic approaches, embracing tensions between complex and simple approaches, as well as an experimental approach around traditional audience-performance environments. As an established figure within the contemporary music scene over the last 20 years he has forged a distinctive, and independent path.

He composes for a wide range of performers and ensembles, and also regularly creates work for his two ensembles, the Homemade Orchestra and MooV, where he is composer and performer/director. As an exponent of collaboration he has built up long-term relationships with certain key performers and artists both as a composer and festival director. He is also a committed advocate of the emerging and up and coming in the new music scene and is the Artistic Director of independent network, Music Orbit, established in 2000. He is also senior lecturer in music at Brunel University, London.

‘his activities in the past few years have resisted categorisation’ (The Guardian, 2008)

‘unequivocal beauty and genre-busting writing … ‘ (All About Jazz, 2009)

‘something extraordinarily strange and beautiful’ (BBC Radio 1, 2009)


Ben Jarlett is our webmaster and designer. To make his living he designs clever websites, and printed media - examples here. He has a great passion for music processing, particularily in a live context maily using MaxMSP. He performs with and creates computational toys to musically experiment with for MooV (with Colin Riley), Optik, and when time allows as half of the SuperCasioBrothers. He has a lovely little girl called Saskia who he looks after much of the time.