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About me: 

I make websites, and electronic music. I live in Stroud, Gloucestershire...

Musically I play in a band called MooV. I perform using MaxMSP, and sounds that I pick up live on stage.

A few years ago I performed with the SuperCasioBrothers. A live laptop duo consisting of me and my brother. We enjoyed mixing short samples together of music we like and dislike... we made Jasper, our instrument, with the idea that we'd like to make a Kylie tune swing using granular synthesis.. it developed from there..

Now... well I'd love to do more, maybe I will...

Audio Samples: 

Mp3 more info: 

All tracks were performed live by the SuperCasioBrothers at our first gig at The Three Tuns, a small pub in the centre of Bristol. We had only been performing together for a week... but what a week that was. We went on to perform in more popular venues, and our software got more complicated, and better to use, but I still love those first recordings for their energy. All the processing you hear was done in the moment, using Live, MaxMSP and Radial (we later built our own patch using MaxMSP exclusively.. which has grown into the elastic~ object sold by my brother