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Working in the visual and sonic arts, I am currently exploring various aspects of these practices, and how they combine.
Including the possibilities of moving image, field recorded audio and the spoken word.

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(An examination of plunderphonics, serendipity and the apparent necessity for codification)

Using as source material an eight track 7” record entitled ‘ International Folklore ‘ found in a charity shop in Brixton, London.

This 1966 release intrigued me firstly because of its unusual format, and secondly for the numerous connotations regarding Globalisation,‘ World Music ‘, and consumption suggested by its title.

The sleeve notes boast – “A world tour in music! … What could be more
exciting than to close your eyes and be transported in sound to no less than eight vividly contrasting countries? “

The four tracks on each side have been mixed and processed to produce
two electroacoustic pieces (both roughly the same duration as the sum of each side)